Proof Of Income

Of course it's important for you to know that I am a genuine self-made multi-millionaire... after all if I was in your shoes and was starting out right now, I too would want to learn from somebody who has proof, and evidence of success.

So I propose not to show you some blurred out bank statement or some misleading 'spikes' of sales generated over a short period of time implying sales in to the future (yes, some internet marketers have been known to do this!!)

What I'm going to show you is recent video footage filmed at a workshop where I show an attendee my 'unadulterated' bank statements with no details held back... These are the exact same statements that my accountant sees. There's no blurring out of information, no 'implied' future earnings, or photo shopping. Just the original statements with figures in simple black and white...

And in summary, yes, I do have proof that I have earned multiples of millions of pounds from this industry.

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